About Me!

I fell in love with Bellydance when I was 16 years old. I was looking for some kind of dance style that I could explore in a different way. I tried my first Bellydance class in Metepec, Mexico and bingo! I found it. Once I continued with this dance I felt more intrigued by it. Later on, I met the amazing Argentinian dancer Faten. She was teaching in Toluca and decided to expand my knowledge of this amazing dance with her. Faten taught all her students that Bellydance had a huge history and as dancers, we must honor and respect. We learned the different rhythms and melodies that comes with the music. She was so passionate about it that she brought so many talented artists from overseas so we could learn more of this millennial dance, such as, Fatima, Oswaldo "El Beryewe" Brandan, Salomé Mayo, Mohamed el Sayed, Fadi el Saadi, Roudy Harb, Pablo Acosta, Luciana Acosta, Najua, Corel Cayunao, etc. When I started learning many different styles from them, I realized I wanted to become a professional. 

I started taking seminars with international teachers such as Petite Jamila (USA), Leyla Jouvana and Roland of Germany, La Beduina Sarat from Argentina, Tamalyn Dallal, Bozenka, Amar Gamal, Sabrina Colman, Yousry Sharif, Asmahan, Luna (Perú), Vanessa Angulo (RD), Latiffa Layali, Mohamed Shahin, Randa Kamel, Elena Ramazanova, Jehan Kemal, Tito Seif. My studies have continued with the espectacular Ranya Renne, Ava Fleming, Anasma, Oreet, Amir Thaleb, Samir Abut, Mahmoud Fathelbab, Antonia Azahara, Carmen Vargas, Berny Vargas, Antón Sankiem, among others. 

Faten noticed my passion and discipline with Oriental Dance and invited me to be part of her Professional Dance Company called "Harem". We won 1st places in several competitions and were invited to participate in TV Programs such as "Te levanta" in TV Mexiquense and "Por la Mañana" in Televisa. 

In 2010, I got certified with CIAD (Confederación Interamericana de Danza) as a Professional Bellydancer and Teacher.  This has allowed me to find the best way to teach technique and history to my students. 

I have obtained the 1st Place and the prize for the Best Soloist in the 1st CIAD International Competition in Toluca in 2012.

After being part of Harem Dance Company, some dancers and myself had the vision to develop our own dance company called "Rakisat min el Alam" meaning "The Dancers of the World", we believed that being a bellydancer shouldn't be a privilege of just a few but every person in the world. This way we honored the name of the group. We, as Rakisat min el Alam, won the 1st place at the International Maria Shazadi Competition in 2012 in a group category and we've had the amazing opportunity to dance with Fadi el Saadi in his Tribute in 2013.

In that same year I took the decision to move to Los Angeles to start my career as a professional actor and in 2014 moved to New York City to finally settle and continue my career as a Professional Bellydancer as well. Using Acting as a tool to take my dance forward, I have performed the dance of "The Seven Veils" by Oscar Wilde. I have performed at the NYCairo Festival in 2015, House of Duende's launch video in 2016, the Set NYC at the Lovecraft Lounge, The Producer's Club for the Theatrical Bellydance Project  in 2016 and I also had the honor to be invited by Kaeshi Chai and talented musicians to dance at her weekly show in Djam under Jebon in the Lower East Side. I've had performed at the Poet's Den Theatre, among others. I moved back to Los Angeles in 2018 where I have performed at Cabaret Tehran and Shah Abbas in the same year. My heart is fulfilled when I step on stage and I am able to tell endless stories through dance but most importantly, the truth.

I thank all the Dance School Directors with whom I have collaborated and have trusted in my professionalism, knowledge and passion for Oriental dance.  All of this has given me the necessary experience to be who I am now as an artist.

Throughout my career in Bellydance I have met several artists who have left a footprint in my career. People who I will never forget; Fadi el Saadi who taught me darbukka and got certified in the first levels to become a percussionist. He taught me how important timing is to perform to the next level. Mohamed el Sayed, taught me that without feeling there is no point in dancing. We have to find ourselves in it, because it is what makes us want to move along and make the audience connect with us. Faten for her passion and support in her classes and Luis Salgado, Artistic Director of R.Evolución Latina has left me a huge lesson "Dance and make ART with purpose otherwise we are just moving puppets".